Reproductions and Original Antiques Can be Found at Estate Auctions

People love collecting. Some look everywhere for bottles that have imprinting on the bottom, red, green or yellow carnival glass, and dinnerware that was made in the 18th century. They flock to antique sales and some people even purchase an entire home of furniture to sell the articles at their own sale. In the meantime, they hope to find a prized possession that was looked over. This has happened. Many people have purchased rings with gems in them worth thousands of dollars, or gorgeous pendulum clocks that were made right in Pennsylvania long before the turn of the century.

When a loved one passes on, quite often the family hires an auctioneer to sell their parent’s possessions at an estate sale. This usually happens when children have to quickly get back home to their job after the funeral. They sell everything inside the home to save time, and then, they put the home up for sale separately.

It’s surprising what is found at these sales. Everything from Antique Clocks to old time wringer washers. Who wouldn’t love an original antique grandfather clock sitting in their dining or living room? The long pendulum swings steadily, and there’s a soft chime at the top of the hour, or every quarter hour. Pendulum clocks were first made by a Dutch clock maker as far back as the 17th century.


This is one reason people are extremely interested in being able to purchase the deceased possessions at an estate sale. They may have held on to the Antique Clocks their parents gave them, and now they’re very old, and for sale. Sometimes buyers think they’ve run into a precious original only to find they’re Reproduction Clocks. To many individuals the reproductions are also a good item to buy, because they can afford them and it’s difficult to tell they’re not originals.

It’s very surprising the amount of clocks people are selling on eBay. They’ve been buying and collecting them for years and it’s time to cash in on their collection, so they list them for sale. These are accredited sellers with excellent ratings given by those who have already purchased and have been completely satisfied. This is very important because the buyer doesn’t know the seller, and they want to be sure the Seth Thomas Clocks, and clocks made by other famous clock makers are originals, or at the least, good looking reproductions.

Clocks have been made by many countries, such as the French, English, German, Dutch, Austrian, and American clock makers. Most of them were very fascinated with the original Dutch made pendulum, and made changes, such as a longer pendulum. Each clock maker wanted to make changes that would increase the value and long-lasting benefits of the clock.


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